The project aims at giving insight to a world as documented in words on the example of the unique collection (1911-1998) of the Bavarian Dialects in the Austrian Hungarian Monarchy (estimated 200,000 headwords; estimated 4 Mio records; 5 volumes dictionary, about 50,000 headwords).


corpus_shell is a modular framework for online publishing of digital language resources such as corpora, digital editions, dictionaries etc.


tokenEditor is a web application for manual annotation (or manual review of automatic annotations) of text. Albeit primarily aimed at reviewing PoS tags and lemmas, it is (planned to be) fully customizable, to support any annotation levels.

ACDH Vocabularies

ACDH Vocabularies is a vocabulary repository service that allows for collaborative maintenance and publication of vocabularies & taxonomies of any kind. It is used by partners within the national CLARIAH-AT consortium as well as the European consortia CLARIN and DARIAH.

The Gibson Trail

The Gibson Trail, a virtual exhibition, brings together all of Gibson’s works from the most famous London collections in one website. The site provides images and information on more than 150 objects, including drawings, reliefs and sculptures.

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