The DictObserver (DiO) is a project collecting information on digital lexicographic resources. It is not aiming at exhaustiveness but will initially focus on relevant data in particular areas and/or languages.


The project aims at giving insight to a world as documented in words on the example of the unique collection (1911-1998) of the Bavarian Dialects in the Austrian Hungarian Monarchy (estimated 200,000 headwords; estimated 4 Mio records; 5 volumes dictionary, about 50,000 headwords).

Lecture Ethnolinguistic: Die Relation Language - Thought - Reality

We are pleased to invite you to the following course:

VO Ethnolinguistik: Die Relation Language - Thought - Reality
Lecturer: Karl-Georg Lettner
Content: Lexical, semantic and geolinguistic themes will be discussed, as well as issues of general linguistics and the "Philosophy of Mind"; specific issues concerning mythography, ethnology and education are main topics in the course.
The course is an introduction into the embedding of modern lexicography in linguistic research paradigm on the example of an Indian dictionary.

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